Tweaks and Optimal Settings

  1. Use RadeonMod to set FlipBufferQueue to 0x3100 to decrease framebuffer.
  2. Disable Fast Startup in Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Power Options\System Settings
  3. Disable Steam Overlay.
  4. Configure AMD Radeon Settings as so:

  5. Set Frametime limit in RTSS to 13333 for 75hz refresh rate, set to 16666 for 60hz.
  6. Adjust in-game settings to similar to this:

    These settings are capable of a sustained 60+ FPS on a Radeon 390/480/570.

With these settings and tweaks in place I am able to play at 75FPS with lowest recorded dips to 62FPS. The frametime never breaks 25ms and thus is very fluid and smooth.


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