Getting Started

Power On the RetroPie

  1. Connect the included HDMI cable to the TV and the RetroPie.
  2. Connect the included USB game controller.
  3. Connect the Micro USB to a wall outlet with the included charger and cable.
  4. Press the On/Off switch on the cable, the RetroPie will display it's boot screen on the TV for a few moments.

Select a Game

  1. Navigate left and right with the USB game controller to select a System Category.
  2. Press A on the controller to select the System.
  3. Navigate up and down with the USB game controller to select a Game Title.
  4. Each game will display it's cover art if available, and also if available a short demonstration video.
  5. Press A on the controller to start the Game.

A short loading screen will appear displaying the Game's System logo and art. During this period you should avoid pressing any buttons unless you need to perform advanced configuration for some reason.

Get Back to the Main Menu from a Game

Be sure to save your game before returning to the Main Menu!

  1. Hold the Star button on the USB game controller.
  2. Press the Start button once, the game will be closed and you will be returned to the Game Title selection screen.