Software Recommendations


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Web Browsers

  • Chrome - Google's browser, one of the most popular.
  • Firefox - Mozilla's browser, also one of the most popular.
  • Midori - Super lightweight browser with minimal memory imprint.
  • Opera - A browser with many nice graphical elements and features.

Photos and Graphics

  • PhotoShop - Adobe's popular photo manipulation software.
  • GIMP - Open source alternative to PhotoShop.
  • InkScape - Open source vector graphics editor.
  • Paint.NET - Free image editing software.
  • ImageResizer - Windows-based fast and simple image resizer.



  • Steam - The most popular gaming store and DRM platform.
  • Origin - EA's own game store and DRM platform.
  • uPlay - Ubisoft's own game store and DRM platform.
  • GOG - GoodOldGames game store and DRM-free launcher.


  • Parsec - Screen-sharing for couch co-op over an internet connection.
  • ZeroTier - Private virtual LAN over an internet connection.

Software Updates

  • PatchMyPC - Download and update essential software.
  • Ninite - Download and update essential software.
  • Chocolatey - Download software via PowerShell.


  • WinAero Tweaker - Windows tweaking solution with a wide range of options.
  • Chameleon - Wallpaper changer based on time/battery/weather events.
  • MacType - Better font rendering for Windows.
  • Rainmeter
  • RainWallpaper
  • Sidebar Diagnostics - Windows solution for system info in a sidebar.
  • OpenShell - Previously known as ClassicShell, the goto Start Menu replacement.
  • John's Background Switcher - John’s Background Switcher puts beautiful full-screen photos and stunning montages on your desktop.
  • Easy Context Menu - Lets you add a variety of useful commands and tweaks to the Desktop, My Computer, Drives, File and Folder right-click context menus.
  • Brightness Slider - Adjust the brightness of your screen on Windows 10 right from the tasktray.



  • Notepad++ - Notepad on steroids. Supports tabs and split screen, syntax formatting, and more.
  • Visual Studio Code - Microsoft's code editing solution. Very powerful and robust features.


  • Discord - Text and voice chat, made foremost for gamers.
  • Slack - Text, Voice, Video. Usually used by devs but free version is nice for small text chats.
  • Teamspeak - Voice chat for gamers, can be hosted.
  • Tox - Security and privacy oriented chat and video chat.
  • Messenger - Facebook's own messaging solution.

Security and Privacy

Media Management

This section will get moved in the future when a proper post detailing how to use these is setup in the guides section. Will most likely involve docker.

  • Sonarr - Automated TV Show grab/rename/moving
  • Radarr - Automated Movie grab/rename/moving
  • Lidarr - Automated Music grab/rename/moving
  • Jackett - Interfaces Radarr/Sonarr/Lidarr/Bazarr with TPB etc.
  • Bazarr - Subtitle handling for Sonarr/Radarr
  • Plex - Media server
  • Ombi - Media request handling
  • Tautulli - Plex server telemetry, etc.
  • NZBget - Usenet downloader
  • LittleWeeb - XDCC Anime Downloader