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Technical Articles

Articles and entries relating to computers, mobile devices, development/programming, and gaming.

Shell Joke

Web Development

< > ! * ' ' # ^ " ` $ $ - ! * = @ $ _ % * < > ~ # 4 & [ ] . . / | { , , SY...

Advanced Usage

PC Gaming RetroPie 3 Kit

Adding Your Own Games Found a game that isn't already included? You can add it to your RetroPie'...

Getting Started

PC Gaming RetroPie 3 Kit

Power On the RetroPie Connect the included HDMI cable to the TV and the RetroPie. Connect the ...

What's Included

PC Gaming RetroPie 3 Kit

No advanced assembly is required, the device will be ready to just plug and play when you bring i...


PC Gaming RetroPie 3 Kit

If your RetroPie isn't working, look here first. Lightning Bolt This indicates a lack of powe...


PC Gaming RetroPie 3 Kit

Description and Features The RetroPie 3 is a retro-gaming emulation console. It is built upon ...

Basic CSS Template

Web Development CSS

Description This is a basic template that does some minimal resets and gives a basic website a s...

Basic HTML5 Template

Web Development HTML

Description An empty HTML5 template. Code <!doctype html> <html> <head> ...

PC Gaming

Fixes, patches, and links to other resources for gaming on a PC.

Date and Time

Web Development Javascript

Description Displays date/time as (Day, Month and Date, Year Hour:Minute:Second:AM/PM). Code P...

RetroPie 3 Kit

PC Gaming

Information about the included hardware and software of the RetroPie 3 kit I sell.


Web Development

CSS snippets.


Web Development

HTML Snippets


Web Development

Javascript Snippets

Tech Solutions

Troubleshooting processes and solutions for software issues.

Web Development

Coding snippets and explanations.

Windows 10 Won't Run Startup Apps

Tech Solutions

On Windows 10, sometimes Local Policy causes issues with programs running at startup, especially ...