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IT Solutions Linux

Apache, Samba, and Permissions You can use the "force" directives in smb.conf to tell Samba to c...

Software Recommendations


Description A compendium of links to useful software. This page is incomplete and requires upda...

Getting Started

Gaming RetroPie 3 Kit

Power On the RetroPie Connect the included HDMI cable to the TV and the RetroPie. Connect the ...

What's Included

Gaming RetroPie 3 Kit

No advanced assembly is required, the device will be ready to just plug and play when you bring i...


Gaming RetroPie 3 Kit

If your RetroPie isn't working, look here first. Lightning Bolt This indicates a lack of powe...


Gaming RetroPie 3 Kit

Description and Features The RetroPie 3 is a retro-gaming emulation console. It is built upon ...

Quick Access Reset

IT Solutions Command Prompt

A command to wipe/reset the Quick Access folder of the navigation pane in Windows 7 and above. d...

Basic CSS Template

Code CSS

Description This is a basic template that does some minimal resets and gives a basic website a s...

Shell Joke


< > ! * ' ' # ^ " ` $ $ - ! * = @ $ _ % * < > ~ # 4 & [ ] . . / | { , , SY...


IT Solutions Linux

Mount a Windows Share To begin, cifs-utils must be installed for this type of mount. sudo apt-g...


IT Solutions PowerShell

Description A command-line installer for Windows. Instructions Open PowerShel...

Basic HTML5 Template


Description An empty HTML5 template. Code <!doctype html> <html> <head> ...

Date and Time

Code Javascript

Description Displays date/time as (Day, Month and Date, Year Hour:Minute:Second:AM/PM). Code P...

New GPU Guide

IT Solutions

This guide describes the process for physically removing your old graphics card, installing the n...



Tweaks and Optimal Settings Use RadeonMod to set FlipBufferQueue to 0x3100 to decrease framebuf...

Monster Hunter: World


UWS Fix    

Advanced Usage

Gaming RetroPie 3 Kit

Adding Your Own Games Found a game that isn't already included? You can add it to your RetroPie'...

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